Prolesan Pure Review & Side Effects – Does it Work?


Prolesan Pure is designed to give users a weight loss of up to 14 kilograms within 28 days. A diet or sport should not be required. At least that is what the manufacturer promises on its official sales page. But can this slimming product really lose that much weight within a month? We wanted to know more about it and have intensively studied Prolesan Pure.

What is Prolesan Pure?What is Prolesan Pure

Prolesan Pure, a dietary supplement designed to help users lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. By taking the capsules, it should be possible to lose 14 kilograms within one month. To do this, the preparation only needs to be taken every day.

The capsules rely on a three-phase effect for weight reduction. In the first phase the body is detoxified and freed from harmful toxins. Weight reduction takes place in the second phase, which ends in the third phase, the stabilization phase. In this phase the body is stabilized and the unloved yo-yo effect can be prevented.

Our 30 day self-test

The manufacturer’s promises sound too good to be true: Just take capsules and lose weight effectively. This is allegedly possible due to the special three-phase effect. This consists of the detoxification phase, the weight reduction and the stabilization phase. This made us curious and so we decided to take a Prolesan Pure Test. In this test we were supported by volunteers.

All our test persons took the capsules for us for four weeks. The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules a day (one before breakfast and one before lunch) with sufficient liquid. To achieve an effective effect of the ingredients, the capsules should be taken about 30 minutes before a meal. In this way the body should lose weight in a completely natural way.

The active ingredients in the capsules not only boost the metabolism and ensure that active ingredients can be better absorbed by the body, but also detoxify the body at the same time. The manufacturer promises that the body is not dehydrated by taking the capsules. This means that all bodily functions can continue without any impairment. Instead, the capsules activate a defence mechanism that ends in weight reduction.

Week 2: Our test persons had now taken the capsules for 14 days. Accordingly, it was time for an initial check. In addition, we also wanted to find out from our testers how the intake of the preparation went. However, when examining our test persons, we could not detect any changes in weight. Taking the product proved to be unproblematic for most of our test persons.

Week 3: As we could not detect any changes in weight during our first checkup, we were curious to see if changes would show up a week later. Unfortunately, at this point in time we could not detect any change in weight in any of our test subjects.

Week 4: Four weeks after we had started our test for Prolesan Pure, our final checkup took place. Some of our test subjects complained about side effects caused by taking the capsules. Especially complaints in the gastro-intestinal area were mentioned. However, even at this time we could not detect any change in weight in any of the test persons. Accordingly, we concluded our test with a negative result.

This effective alternative is available

Unfortunately we could not find any effect of Prolesan Pure in our test. None of our test persons had lost weight within the four weeks. However, since we know that many of our readers are looking for a suitable means to facilitate weight loss, we compared the capsules with an alternative preparation. We have summarised all the advantages and disadvantages of both preparations in a detailed and clear table.

  Comparison table

Prolesan Pure Image

Perfect Body Burner Image
ProductProlesan PurePerfect Body Burner
Effectx No effect could be established Effective weight loss
Increased metabolism
 Suppresses hunger
Possible side effects
x Gastro-intestinal problems NO side effects
Content30 Capsules
90 Capsules
Application2 Capsules daily
2 Capsules daily
Price81,57 US-Dollar
35,41 US-Dollar
Made in Germany
x Nein JA
Shipping cost
Rating 1/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery timeNo information1 – 3 days

Prolesan Pure advertises with fake test reports

After the capsules had not convinced us in our test, we looked around a little more closely on the sales page of the manufacturer. On this page you can find, among other things, the Prolesan Pure test report of an alleged medical doctor who swears by the effects of the capsules.

Fake Doctor Prolesan Pure

In the text the physician Prof. Erik Wagner is mentioned and is allegedly an expert in molecular biology and a scientist. However, we could not find any information about this physician on the internet. There is no molecular biologist with this name. But we found the used photo in a photo database.

Here the picture can be downloaded and then used freely. On the picture used by the manufacturer on his sales page, there is no physician shown, but a model. This becomes clear when we searched the photo data base a little more exactly and found more pictures with this male model. The report of the alleged physician about the capsules is therefore a fake and is supposed to mislead unsuspecting customers.

ATTENTION – Subscription trap through discount club

At the bottom of the sales page there is an order form for customers to fill out to order the capsules. However, there is also a note in small print that customers confirm that they want to participate in the discount club. In this way, customers would receive Prolesan Pure at a discounted price of 81,72 US-Dollar.

Summary of Prolesan order

Only customers who join the discount club can take advantage of this limited offer. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the advantages that customers still have through this club. However, we assume that this is a subscription trap.

FAKE experiences and field reports

Also on the sales side, there are numerous positive customer experiences with Prolesan Pure. The first thing we noticed is that all experiences are written in very poor German. Accordingly, we assume that these texts have been translated from another language and are not from real customers. In addition, we found the same customer experiences on other sales pages, where only the name of the product was changed.

Fake Screenshot of experience

We were also able to find the used photos in photo databases. Again, these field reports are fakes, which only serve to lead the unsuspecting customers behind the light.

Original Screenshot of experience

Real Prolesan Pure experiences and reviews

On the sales page we could not find any real Prolesan Pure experiences. For this reason we were curious if we could find any reports on the internet. We have researched in various forums and on internet sites and we would like to present three of these reports to you below.

Prolesan Pure Field report

“Complete nonsense” writes a customer in a forum. She had ordered the capsules for rapid weight loss. However, the preparation showed no effect.

Prolesan Pure Evaluation Criticism Experiences

Another customer also expressed her disappointment about the capsules in a social network. This lady could not notice any weight reduction even after taking the capsules for a longer period of time. But from the second week of taking the capsules she suffered from side effects in the form of stomach problems.

Prolesan Pure Field report Evaluation Criticism Prolesan Pure

The last field report we would like to present to you is from a lady who did not receive her goods in the first place. She has now been waiting several weeks for the capsules to be delivered.

When can we expect an effect?

The manufacturer promises great success with the intake of Prolesan Pure. Within 28 days 14 kilograms should be able to be lost. However, it is not known whether the first signs of weight loss can be seen earlier or whether the manufacturer does not provide any information on this. In our test, however, we could not detect any changes in weight even after four weeks of use.

Prolesan Pure intake and dosage

According to the manufacturer, the Prolesan Pure intake and dosage should be very simple and accordingly easy to integrate into everyday life. In order to lose weight effectively with these capsules, only two capsules per day with sufficient liquid must be taken.

The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule before breakfast and one before noon. In order for the ingredients to work effectively in the body, the capsules should be taken about 30 minutes before a meal.

Should I have a medical examination before taking the capsules?

There is no information from the manufacturer as to whether users should undergo a medical examination before taking the Prolesan Pure capsules. As a matter of principle, people with an allergy or intolerance to one or more of the active ingredients should speak to a doctor before taking them. People with health restrictions should also consult a physician before taking the capsules for safety reasons.

Who is Prolesan Pure intended for?Who is Prolesan Pure intended for

Prolesan Pure is primarily intended for rapid weight loss. Within one month, it should be possible to lose up to 14 kilograms of weight. In addition, the preparation detoxifies the body in a natural way. Thus, the capsules are intended for everyone who wants to lose weight naturally.

Who should avoid taking them?

On its sales page, the manufacturer repeatedly points out that Prolesan Pure is a weight loss product that is 100% natural. Accordingly, side effects and intolerances should be excluded. However, people with an allergy or intolerance to one or more active ingredients should consult a doctor before taking the product. Because even with natural preparations, undesirable accompanying symptoms cannot always be ruled out.

These ingredients are contained in Prolesan Pure

Unfortunately, there is little information on the manufacturer’s sales page regarding the Prolesan Pure ingredients. Accordingly, we did a little more research and were able to identify the most important active ingredients of the capsules:

  • Chinese split basket
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • undaria pinnatifida


Chinese split basket: This vine originated mainly in China, Siberia and Korea. In these countries, it is mainly used as a medicinal plant for various ailments.

Garcinia Cambogia: One of the ingredients of this plant has been proven to inhibit the appetite and at the same time stimulate fat burning.

Undaria pinnatifida: This is a brown alga, which is very popular as a vegetable, especially in Japanese cuisine.

Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly which active ingredients are still contained in the Prolesan Pure capsules.

Are there side effects?Are there side effects

According to the manufacturer, no Prolesan Pure side effects are known. And interactions with other medications should also be excluded. However, undesirable side effects can also occur with natural and herbal preparations. Especially in the case of an allergy or intolerance. On the Internet we also found numerous experiences of customers who complained about gastrointestinal problems after taking the product.

Where can you buy Prolesan Pure? Ebay, Amazon

If you wish to purchase Prolesan Pure, you can only do so via the manufacturer’s sales page. Neither local pharmacies nor online pharmacies have this dietary supplement in their assortment. During our research, we also could not find any indication that the capsules are offered on trading platforms such as eBay or Amazon.

What price is offered?

On the manufacturer’s sales page the Prolesan Pure price is 81,57 US-Dollar. However, this is a discounted price that is only valid for members of the discount club. The original price of the capsules would be 164,32 US-Dollar.

Frequently asked questions

Losing weight should become a real piece of cake by taking Prolesan Pure. However, whether this dietary supplement is really suitable for your weight loss plans can be found out with the following questions and answers.

How many capsules are contained in a pack of Prolesan Pure?

According to the manufacturer, 30 capsules are contained in one package. If you take two capsules a day, one pack would last for 15 days. Accordingly, customers would have to order two packs of the capsules in order to take the product for one month.

Can I buy the capsules in drugstores?

According to our research, drugstores such as dm or Rossmann Prolesan Pure do not carry the capsules in their assortment.

Who is hidden behind Prolesan Pure?

During our research, we were unfortunately unable to determine which company is hidden behind the dietary supplement. There is no imprint on the sales page. This means that the supplier is in breach of the labelling obligation prevailing in Germany.

In our further research, we were also unable to find out who the supplier or manufacturer is behind the dietary supplement. For us, this does not indicate a serious supplier or product.

Are there official tests and studies on Prolesan Pure?

Unfortunately we could not find any information about official tests and studies on Prolesan Pure in our research. According to this, no independent institute has yet tested or examined the capsules more closely.

Is Prolesan Pure a scam?

There are many indications that Prolesan Pure is once again a so-called rip-off product. Neither is there any information about the manufacturer or supplier and the ingredients of the capsules are not listed in detail. Furthermore, fake reports are advertised on the sales page.

Prolesan Pure Evaluation

Within a month, a weight of up to 14 kilograms should be able to be lost by taking Prolesan Pure. This is underlined by statements of alleged satisfied customers on the sales side. However, we were able to expose these experiences as fake, as well as the report of the alleged medical doctor.

The manufacturer of the capsules does not publish any further information about the ingredients or about himself. Instead, they try to deceive the customers and lure them into a subscription trap. For this reason, we strongly advise our readers not to buy these capsules and classify Prolesan Pure as ineffective.

Erich Scholl is 44 years old and a passionate nutritionist and expert in the fields of health, fitness and medicine. His area of expertise includes the testing and evaluation of nutritional supplements. With great care, he publishes his self-tested experience reports, with which he wants to provide better information.


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