Almased Review & Side Effects – Does it Work?


Almased is one of the best known Formula diets in Germany. It is a powder which is mixed with water or milk to make a shake. A single diet shake is supposed to replace a whole meal. But does losing weight really work this way? We have evaluated the experiences of many users for you and will also tell you what nutrition experts think of Almased!

The Almased promise of effectiveness

Almased is a meal replacement product designed to melt away excess pounds. You skip one or more meals – breakfast, lunch and/or dinner – completely and replace them with a weight loss shake. In this way you save calories and get satisfied faster, because the diet product has a very high protein content.

In addition, the proteins stimulate fat burning, which should further accelerate weight loss. Since you are free to decide which and how many meals you replace with shakes, you always remain flexible. The Almased promise of effectiveness is therefore based on a combination of calorie reduction, reduction of hunger and increased fat burning.

We dared the Almased 40-day self-test

Katharina-17 and Bernd-52
Katharina (17) & Bernd (52)

As usual, we asked our community who would like to participate voluntarily in the 40-day self-test with Almased. Again, the condition of participation was that both participants adhere exactly to the manufacturer’s recommendations for consumption and have the clear will to lose a few kilos of body weight. This time we decided on two candidates who could not be more different: Katharina (17 years young, 165cm, weight we are not allowed to give away) from Bamberg and Bernd (52 years old, 179cm, 106kg) from Mannheim.


Day 1: Katharina and Bernd each received a package with 5 cans of Almased today. Enough to be able to go full steam ahead for 40 days. Both noted their initial weight and started the so-called “starting phase”. A whole week in which they replaced each of the three main meals (yes, really each one!) with one shake each. The next days and weeks showed that this would be anything but easy.

Day 7: Bernd complained a lot about the past week. To replace every main meal for seven days with slimming shakes is really not easy. But according to his own statement, he made it through. But he already lost -0,7kg in only one week. Katharina threatened to cancel the test and sent us these messages the past week:

WhatsApp Messages from Katharina

Day 14: Katharina continued to complain about diarrhoea and stomach ache and unfortunately finally cancelled the Almased self-test.

Alsmased-Personal Test-Bernd-Customer-Test-Kritik-Bernd, however, stuck with it and said that he would have gotten used to it by now. He was now in the so-called reduction phase and replaced only two main meals with a shake. In the evening he often made himself a salad with meat. He proudly reported a weight loss of -1.5 kg.

Day 30: Bernd continued the test and was now in the so-called stabilisation phase. Now he ate two meals and had a shake in the evening. He has now already lost -2.9kg.

Day 40: Bernd finished the self-test as planned after 40 days. He had now also completed the so-called phase 4 and ate three meals to which he added an almased shake in the evening. According to his own statement, he found the start in the first week particularly difficult. Here he often thought about breaking off. But in the end he was happy to have survived this hard time and finally lost -3.6kg body weight in the 40-day Almased Self-Test.

A comparison is worthwhile – Almased Alternative

A possible alternative to Almased are slimming capsules, for example Fatburner. These are not intended to replace a meal, but should rather be considered as a dietary supplement. They are therefore much easier to take, as you do not have to mix shakes, have a neutral taste and are usually much cheaper. Even taking them on the road and when travelling is therefore not a problem. High-quality fat burner capsules are able to boost the metabolism and fat burning and suppress unpleasant feelings of hunger.

  Comparison Table
ProductAlmasedICG Fatburner
Effects Weight reduction Effective weight loss
Increased metabolism
Suppresses hunger
Side Effects
x Flatulence
x Constipation
NO Side Effects
Content500 g90 Capsules
Dosagevaries2 Capsules daily
Pricefrom 61,95 USD49,00 USD
Manufactured in DE YES YES
Shipping costsx Up to 4,90 USD FREE
Rating⭐⭐☆☆☆ 2/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery timex 2-8 Days1-3 Days

Almased Review

The Almased experiences of the users are very diverse. Thus, the span between positive and negative evaluations, e.g. at Amazon, is also very large. That means there are either only very positive or only very negative customer experiences with Almased. In between there are hardly any recessions. Almased achieved only 3.7 of 5 stars in the Amazon overall rating – and that with well over 1,000 ratings! We took a closer look at both sides and researched what customers like about Almased and what they criticize.

Positive customer experiences

Almased amazon review

There is also some criticism in most positive customer experiences: the taste of Almased is “okay” or “takes getting used to”. But with a few tricks, such as adding coffee or cinnamon, this can be tolerated. It is also repeatedly pointed out that you cannot lose weight with Almased alone. The shake can only support and must be accompanied by a change of diet and sports. Some users report that they have actually lost weight with the powder. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the experience reports whether the successes were permanent or whether the dreaded yoyo effect was already noticeable after a few weeks.

almased review on amazon of a customer

a new review of a customer on amazon

the last almased review of customers

Negative customer experiences

Although Almased claims that hunger should be strongly reduced, some users report an extreme feeling of hunger – a clear sign that the amount of calories ingested through the shakes is not always sufficient. The biggest criticism, however, relates to the taste. The shakes are supposed to taste of vanilla, but unfortunately many users find it difficult to get the drink down after a few days. Even nausea and vomiting are often mentioned.

some negativ amazon reviews
more negativ reviews about almased on amazon
negativ product review on amazon about almased in the uk

Expert opinions on Almased

Almased is not only seen very critically, many pharmacists and nutrition experts even warn against taking it. Because: Healthy eating behaviour cannot be learned from a shake to lose weight. If you want to lose weight successfully and keep it permanently, it is better to change your diet for the long term. A nutrition diary can provide initial pointers as to where there is a need for improvement. If you replace high-fat and high-calorie foods and meals with lighter alternatives, you will save calories and come closer to your dream of achieving your desired weight step by step.

The Almased criticism of the experts also refers to the so-called yo-yo effect. Although the powder can help you lose weight for a short time – as soon as you stop taking it and start eating normally again, you will quickly put on weight again. The weight loss powder is therefore only recommended as a supplement during a change of diet. You can replace a meal with Almased from time to time to save calories (for example, if you do not have time to cook). However, the dietary product is not suitable for long-term use.

Ökotest “insufficient” – Mineral oil & GMO in Almased

Almased-Ökotest-Kritik-Test-Customer Reviews-Almased
Source: Ö

According to experts, sport is at least as important as a change of diet. A combination of endurance sports (jogging, cycling, swimming) and weight training is particularly recommended: while endurance sports boost fat metabolism, the body builds up more muscle mass through intensive weight training.

Muscle cells in turn consume a lot of calories, even when resting, so that a positive circulation is created and you lose weight almost by itself. Contrary to the manufacturer’s statement, many nutritional experts and doctors are of the opinion that the powder primarily burns muscle mass, which is why sport during an Almased diet is of particular importance.

Almased dosage and intake

When using Almased you are very flexible, because you can decide for yourself how many and which meals you want to replace with a shake. Almased itself, however, recommends users a special weight loss plan consisting of four phases.

Phase 1 – The Start Up Phase


For a period of three to seven days, you should completely avoid solid food. You replace all meals with shakes. You take three shakes a day and drink two to three litres of low-calorie drinks such as water or unsweetened tea. Customer experiences speak of the most difficult and hardest of all phases. If the changeover of the entire meal to only three shakes would be very difficult.

Phase 2 – The reduction phase

Almased-Reduktionsphase-Pros-Kundenerfahrungen-Erfahrungen-TestHere you can have lunch, which should contain all the important nutrients. In the morning and in the evening you drink one Almased Shake each. This procedure should be continued until you reach your desired weight. Those who have made it this far, usually survive the coming phases as well. The integration of one meal per day makes life with Almased easier again according to customer experience.

Phase 3 – The stabilization phase

Almased-Diet-Phase-3-ReviewIn this phase the body should learn to maintain the new weight in the long term. You eat two meals and drink an Almased Shake (usually in the evening). Customers are already talking about an almost habitual use of Almased. In this phase, most have already got used to replacing a meal with a shake. Therefore this phase would be easier

Phase 4 – The life phase

Almased-Diet-Phase-4-ReviewIn the last phase, the life phase, you eat normally but drink one shake a day in addition to your usual meals – half a portion in the morning and half a portion in the evening. In this way you can continue to receive important nutrients and reduce any feelings of hunger. Your height plays a particularly important role in Almased dosage and intake, as the required amount of powder is calculated according to the formula ‘height in cm – 100 = g per meal’.

A person with a height of 160 centimetres therefore needs 60 grams of powder per shake, which corresponds to about six heaped tablespoons. Mix the powder with 300 millilitres of water, low-fat milk or buttermilk. However, the manufacturer recommends using only a maximum of 200 millilitres of milk or buttermilk and topping up the rest with water. To ensure that your body is optimally supplied with essential fatty acids, you can also add one to two teaspoons of rapeseed or linseed oil.

The so-called “Almased Turbo”

Almased advertises on its website with the ‘Almased Turbo’, which is designed to help you lose up to six kilograms of weight in two weeks. However, the procedure is very questionable from a health point of view. In the first week, you replace all three meals with Almased and in addition, you only eat vegetable broth and water. This phase is therefore similar to fasting.

According to Almased, after two days you feel almost no hunger anymore – and if you do, then only for healthy food. In the second week, you drink an Almased shake in the morning and in the evening and prepare a low-carbohydrate meal at lunchtime from vegetables and lean meat or fish. In addition, Almased recommends a little sport and the intake of plenty of fluids.

Does Almased have harmful ingredients?

Almased consists of 50 percent soy proteins. According to the manufacturer, these have two functions: They are supposed to give the body energy during the diet and counteract muscle loss. If we add fewer calories to our body, it attacks the muscle cells first, which can even lead to muscle loss if we eat the wrong diet. However, even if you decide to go on a diet with Almased, you should still put more emphasis on intensive weight training so that your body primarily burns fat and does not lose important muscle mass.

Another important component of Almased is honey, which is represented with 25 percent. The honey is said to calm the stomach and improve the taste of the shake. The probiotic yoghurt cultures, which are also contained, are said to have a positive effect on the digestive tract.

Other Almased ingredients are amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which are supposed to increase the general well-being. According to its own statement, the manufacturer does not use artificial flavours, sweeteners, fillers and added sugar. Furthermore, the product is gluten-free and, if required
available in a lactose-free version.

However, experts are sceptical whether the ingredients are really as healthy as the manufacturer claims. For example, it is not possible to verify whether the additives are actually of purely natural origin – the statement ‘100 percent natural’ is therefore more than questionable. They also complain about the high sugar content! Although no artificial sugar is added, the powder is already so strongly sweetened by the high honey content that the maximum amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization is clearly exceeded! And sugar is sugar – regardless of whether it is industrial sugar, fruit sugar or sugar made from honey.

Where can you buy Almased?

If you want to buy Almased, you have several possibilities. You can get the meal replacement product in almost every pharmacy – if it is not currently in stock, it can usually be ordered without any problems. However, you almost always pay the pharmacy retail price (AVP), which is usually higher than the price in online pharmacies.

Here, however, you have to reckon with shipping costs averaging five euros, so that a comparison of the various shops can be worthwhile. Some online pharmacies even ship free of charge above a certain value. Almased is also available in drugstores, such as Rossmann or DM.

The monthly costs for the formula diet vary greatly, because the amount of powder required depends on body weight. However, if you are 160 centimetres tall and want to drink three Almased Shakes a day, the average cost is five euros a day.

Are there side effects with Almased?

Unfortunately, side effects are always to be expected with Formula diets, as with Almased. Many users complain about digestive problems such as diarrhoea, constipation or flatulence – especially when all three meals are replaced. Nausea and circulation problems are also possible.

In addition, the high proportion of soy protein can have a long-term harmful effect on the thyroid gland. Especially if you already suffer from thyroid problems, you should therefore avoid a diet with Almased. Another possible side effect of Almased is a disturbed electrolyte balance.

Our evaluation

Many factors play a role in the final evaluation of Almased. Above all, the imminent muscle loss is a problem if you do not counteract it with intensive weight training. Furthermore, customers repeatedly mention the unpleasant to disgusting taste.

Also in terms of ingredients, the Formula diet offers a lot of starting points for criticism, especially with regard to the high sugar content, the possibly health-endangering mineral oil content (see Ökotest) as well as the allegedly used genetic engineering.

People who have a sensitive stomach or are generally prone to digestive problems should refrain from using this meal replacement product due to its high soy protein content, as should all those who have a pre-stressed thyroid gland.

If you would like to start a weight loss test with Almased despite all criticism, we recommend that you limit your test to as short a period as possible. For example, there is nothing to be said against starting a permanent dietary change with a one-week Almased cure.

Afterwards, however, you should get used to a healthy, balanced and calorie-reduced diet step by step, which is completely without powder.

Erich Scholl is 44 years old and a passionate nutritionist and expert in the fields of health, fitness and medicine. His area of expertise includes the testing and evaluation of nutritional supplements. With great care, he publishes his self-tested experience reports, with which he wants to provide better information.


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