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Recardio, a new type of food supplement, with which blood pressure can be effectively lowered to prevent secondary diseases. This is because high blood pressure is a topic that affects around 35 million Germans. So we were very curious to see what effect this preparation has. In an extensive test, we tested the manufacturer’s capsules and were able to make surprising findings.

We have summarized our detailed assessment of Recardio in the following article.

What is Recardio?

What is this Recardio

Recardio is a nutritional supplement in capsule form, which is intended to treat high blood pressure in a completely natural way. Many people suffer from hypertension without even suspecting it. Untreated, however, this condition can lead to heart attacks or strokes. With its capsules, the manufacturer has launched a product on the market which, when taken regularly, should lower and stabilise blood pressure. In this way, possible secondary diseases could also be avoided. The provider swears by a special active ingredient formula made of purely natural substances.

According to the company, this combination is supposed to regulate the heart function, while at the same time a complex improvement in well-being is possible. Thus, among other things, already existing blood clots are eliminated by taking the product. But also after a stroke, Recardio can be a valuable aid. The special ingredients promote memory, speech and movement regeneration.

Are there real Recardio experiences and field reports?

Before we present the results of our three-week self-test and go into the individual ingredients in more detail, we would like to introduce you to three consumer reports that we were able to find on the Internet via Recardio. Here we looked for different sources of reference in order to get a first impression as exact as possible.

Recardio Experience report

One user, who has been suffering from severe hypertension for years, writes that this remedy has completely changed his life. At last he can lower his blood pressure in a natural way and does not have to fear any side effects.

Recardio Experience report evaluation criticism experiences

Another lady, who has been taking the capsules for several weeks now, is also enthusiastic about this dietary supplement. Taking the capsules is very easy and the first improvements could be felt after only a few days.

Recardio Experience report evaluation criticism Recardio

Another customer who came across Recardio by chance was also positively surprised. Since taking it, not only has his blood pressure dropped, but his general well-being has also improved significantly.

We have tested Recardio for 3 weeks

Our Recardio Test

To be able to present our readers with clear facts, we have decided to use a Recardio test to check the effect of the capsules themselves. A volunteer, Walter, 65 years old, made himself available to test the capsules for us. Walter has been suffering from high blood pressure for some time now.

Over time, this has also manifested itself in significant health problems such as blurred vision, chronic fatigue and headaches. However, our test person had not tolerated prescription medication to lower blood pressure in the past. So he had great hope for this natural product.

Day 1: We started our test by discussing the exact intake and further course of the test with our test person. According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, one Recardio capsule should be taken at breakfast with sufficient liquid. The active ingredients contained in the capsule are supposed to regulate the heart function again, which also optimizes the blood pressure. Our test person promised to follow the instructions. In order to have a later comparative value, Walter should carry out a measurement of his blood pressure. At that time, his blood pressure was 149/92.

Day 15: After our test person had taken Recardio for two weeks, we were very curious what Walter had to tell us. According to this, taking the preparation was very easy and did not cause any side effects. In addition, Walter told us that the first improvements showed shortly after the first intake. The headaches as well as the constant tiredness were no longer so intense. This time we received a value of 135/85 when checking the blood pressure.

Day 30: Our test was drawing to a close and we eagerly awaited the feedback of our test person. According to him, headaches and tiredness had completely disappeared. He felt much better than before the test and at the final blood pressure measurement he received a value of 129/84.

Since we like to refer to our own experiences in our recommendations, we are very pleased to be able to express them now. Both our test person and we were satisfied with the effect of the capsules. And the absence of side effects and intolerances also had a positive effect on our test. In this way we were able to conclude our Recardio test with a positive and above all satisfactory result.

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Are there other alternatives?

We could clearly prove the effect of Recardio in our test. Thus, with the help of these capsules it is not only possible to lower blood pressure, but also to optimize heart health in general. Two important factors to avoid possible secondary diseases. Nevertheless, in this context we would like to present you another product with which you can effectively support the health of the cardiovascular system. So to speak, as well-intentioned advice.

The Blutamil complex is a food supplement from Germany, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. This could already be tested positive by us several times in the past. And our readers also find the capsules extremely effective, which can also be read from the comments below this article.

  Comparison table
 Recardio ImageBlutamil Komplex Image
Effect Blood pressure regulation
Increases wellbeing
Promotes memory
Blood pressure regulation
Cholesterol protection
Strengthens the immune system
Possible Side effects
 NO side effects NO side effects
Content60 Capsules
60 Capsules
Dosage1 Capsule daily
2 Capsules daily
Price29,95 Euro24,95 Euro
Shipping Cost Free of charge
 Free of charge
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery time
1 – 3 days1 – 3 days

Who are the capsules for?

High blood pressure is no longer a question of age. More and more younger people are also suffering from hypertension. Often the causes can be found in a lack of exercise and incorrect nutrition. Recardio is suitable as a nutritional supplement for all users who have already been proven to suffer from hypertension or who are experiencing the first signs of it (such as headaches, chronic fatigue, blurred vision, apathy, tendency to sweat or accelerated heartbeat).

But the health consequences of a stroke should also be treatable by taking the capsules. For example, it is possible to optimise memory, speech and movement regeneration through regular use.

Are there official tests and studies for Recardio?

In a clinical study in 2016, the effectiveness of this remedy was tested and proven. For this study the participants were divided into different groups. While some participants took a placebo for only 25 days, the others were given Recardio.

At the end of the study, the people who took the supplement were all able to lower their blood pressure permanently. In the placebo group, only 1 percent of participants had lowered their blood pressure after the test.

This is what Experts says about the Recardio capsules

At the beginning of the year, the independent consumer organisation carried out an extensive test on blood pressure-lowering preparations. However, most of these preparations are prescription drugs. Accordingly, we could not find any indication on the website that Recardio has also been tested and evaluated by Stiftung Warentest.

Recardio intake and dosage

For optimum effect, one capsule a day is recommended. This should be taken in the morning with sufficient liquid. More is not necessary to lower your own blood pressure.

When can an effect be expected?

With regard to the Recardio effect, the manufacturer hardly gives any precise information, as this always depends on the respective user and the stage of hypertension. However, most users report rapid changes. For example, after two weeks our test person was able to lower his blood pressure and improve his general well-being.

In addition, many users show an initial reduction in blood pressure as early as six hours after taking the first dose.

Recardio ingredients

Recardio ingredients

The secret of this nutritional supplement can be found in its special formula. The composition of natural substances is intended to lower blood pressure and optimize heart health. Accordingly, the manufacturer lists the following Recardio ingredients:

  • Stinging Nettle
  • Hawthorn
  • vitamin B6
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine

Stinging Nettle: The medicinal herb contains numerous vitamins and acids that are needed for optimal heart health and support it in the long term. It also eliminates nervousness while simultaneously destroying blood clots and improving blood circulation.

Rose hip powder: Rose hip has a diuretic effect. It also contains the substance anthocyanins, which prevents the development of ACE. This can cause a narrowing of the blood vessels. The rose hip powder contained in Recardio therefore helps against blood pressure complaints.

Hawthorn: The plant, has a blood-vasodilating effect, which improves blood values and prevents plaque formation within the blood vessels. In addition, the ingredients normalize the blood cholesterol level.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin is important for blood formation and protein metabolism. It has a proven positive effect on blood pressure.

Riboflavin: The riboflavin contained in Recardio is also known as vitamin B2. It is responsible for the formation of red blood cells and antibodies.

Thiamine: Often also known as vitamin B1 and has an important effect especially on the human nervous system. In addition, this vitamin can improve blood circulation.

Are side effects and risks to be expected?

Due to the purely natural active ingredients, Recardio side effects are almost impossible. Possible unwanted accompanying symptoms that may occur after taking the product can usually be traced back to an allergy or hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients.

For this reason, you should clarify before taking Recardio whether you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the listed substances.

Where can you buy Recardio? Amazon, pharmacy, eBay

Where can you buy Recardio

We have ordered the Recardio capsules for our test via the Here everything went smoothly and the order was also secured. Accordingly we can recommend this shop. Alternatively you can order the food supplement via the manufacturer’s sales page.

We were also able to find the product on the trading platform eBay. On Amazon and other online shops, however, the capsules are not offered. And according to our research, you cannot buy Recardio in pharmacies either.

  • When purchasing two cans for a total price of 59.90 euros, customers receive one can free of charge.
  • When purchasing three cans for a total price of 89.95 euros, customers receive two cans free of charge with their order.

Frequently asked questions

High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous diseases we know today. If left untreated, it very quickly develops into secondary diseases that can be fatal in the worst case. With the help of Recardio, hypertension can not only be treated effectively, but also one’s own health can be promoted.

We have summarized further important information about this food supplement in the following questions and answers.

Is Recardio fake or is it a serious product?

Again and again, products are put on the market that are advertised with great and promising effects. Most of the time, however, the products turn out to be ineffective or dangerous to health. But this is not the case with Recardio. We were able to prove a clear effect in our test and numerous users on the Internet are also convinced by the capsules.

Can I buy Recardio in Germany?

The easiest way to buy this food supplement is via the Here, customers not only receive the original product, but can also save money when ordering. In addition, the shop offers customers the large packs of 60 capsules, so that these last for two months.

Who is particularly affected by hypertension?

High blood pressure can have various causes. The consumption of alcohol and nicotine can also favour an increased blood pressure, as well as permanent stress, wrong nutrition and an increased cholesterol level. In addition, studies have found that people who are overweight have a 3-4 times higher risk of developing hypertension. Recardio can also be used effectively by these risk groups for prevention as well as for treatment.

Is there any criticism of Recardio?

As with many other products, there are also some negative evaluations and customer opinions about Recardio. Often, the users seem to have expected a different effect, which is mostly due to incorrect use. The majority of customer opinions are positive.

When should I not take Recardio?

Basically, the product should not be used if there is an allergy or intolerance to at least one active ingredient. Pregnant and nursing women should also consult a doctor before taking the product.

Recardio Evaluation

Anyone who suffers from high blood pressure and does not treat it risks his or her life. This is because increased blood pressure promotes secondary diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. However, many chemical preparations that lower blood pressure cause severe side effects. Due to the purely natural components, users of Recardio do not have to fear these undesirable accompanying symptoms.

In addition, the intake of this food supplement is very easy. Above all to mention positively, however, is the quick effect. Within a short period of time, our test person was able to reduce his high blood pressure to the normal range by taking the product, thus improving his heart health.

Based on our test results as well as the numerous positive experiences we could find on the internet, our evaluation of this food supplement is very positive. We can therefore give a clear recommendation to buy Recardio.

Erich Scholl is 44 years old and a passionate nutritionist and expert in the fields of health, fitness and medicine. His area of expertise includes the testing and evaluation of nutritional supplements. With great care, he publishes his self-tested experience reports, with which he wants to provide better information.


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