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EDENext reference number Date of publication Title Pdf (if available) Website (if available)
EDENext001 October 11, 2011 Canine Antibody Response to Phlebotomus perniciosus Bites Negatively Correlates with the Risk of Leishmania infantum Transmission EDENext001 Public Library of Science
EDENext002 December, 2011 Risk factors for cutaneous leishmaniasis in Cukurova region, Turkey Not available Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
EDENext003 December, 2011 Individual variability of salivary gland proteins in three Phlebotomus species Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext004 June, 2012 Wing size and shape variation of Phlebotomus papatasi (Diptera: Psychodidae) populations from the south and north slopes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco EDENext004 Journal of Vector Ecology
EDENext005 October, 2013 West Nile Virus Equine Serosurvey in the Czech and Slovak Republics Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext006 December, 2012 Analysis of complete Puumala virus genome, Finland EDENext006 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext007 April, 2012 Leishmania infantum nicotinamidase is required for late-stage development in its natural sand fly vector, Phlebotomus perniciosus Not available International Journal of Parasitology
EDENext008 July, 2012 Hantavirus infections in Europe and their impact on public health Not available Reviews in Medical Virology
EDENext009 February, 2012 Razzauti Sanfeliu, M.: Microevolution of Puumala hantavirus in its host, the bank vole (Myodes glareolus). PhD thesis, Infection Biology Research Program Unit, Department of Virology, Haartman Institute, Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki / Finnish Forest Research Institute EDENext009 Not available
EDENext011 June, 2012 Rodent-borne hemorrhagic fevers: under-recognized, widely spread and preventable - epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment Not available Critical Reviews in Microbiology
EDENext012 June, 2012 Consequences of Landscape Fragmentation on Lyme Disease Risk: A Cellular Automata Approach EDENext012 PLOS ONE
EDENext013 January, 2012 Development of a SYBR green-I based RT-PCR assay for yellow fever virus: application in assessment of YFV infection in Aedes aegypti EDENext013 Virology Journal
EDENext014 June, 2012 Environmental Change and Disease Dynamics: Effects of Intensive Forest Management on Puumala Hantavirus Infection in Boreal Bank Vole Populations EDENext014 PLOS ONE
EDENext015 February, 2012 A new algorithm quantifies the roles of wind and midge flight activity in the bluetongue epizootic in northwest Europe Not available Proceedings of the Royal Society B
EDENext016 April, 2012 Broad geographical distribution and high genetic diversity of shrew-borne Seewis hantavirus in Central Europe Not available Virus Genes
EDENext017 October, 2012 FraRI: An Algorithm to Account for the Discontinuity at 60°N in MODIS Temperature Products Not available International Journal of Remote Sensing
EDENext018 November, 2012 Novel serological tools for detection of Thottapalayam virus, a Soricomorpha-borne hantavirus EDENext018 Archives of Virology
EDENext021 May, 2013 Microevolution of Puumala hantavirus during a Complete Population Cycle of Its Host, the Bank Vole (Myodes glareolus) EDENext021 PLOS ONE
EDENext022 August, 2012 Phlebotomine sandflies and the spreading of leishmaniases and other diseases of public health concern EDENext022 Medical and Veterinary Enotomology
EDENext023 April, 2012 Effect of deer density on tick infestation of rodents and the hazard of tick-borne encephalitis. II: Population and infection models Not available International Journal for Parasitology
EDENext024 December, 2012 Co-infection of Borrelia afzelii and Bartonella spp. in bank voles from a suburban forest Not available Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
EDENext025 September, 2012 Development of Leishmania Parasites in Culicoides nubeculosus (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) and Implications for Screening Vector Competence Not available Journal of Medical Entomology
EDENext026 July, 2012 Kinetics of Antibody Response in BALB/c and C57BL/6 Mice Bitten by Phlebotomus papatasi EDENext026 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext027 March, 2012 Unifying Model for the Analysis of Phenotypic, Genetic, and Geographic Data Not available Systematic Biology
EDENext028 April, 2012 Effects of deer density on tick infestation of rodents and the hazard of tick-borne encephalitis. I: Empirical assessment Not available International Journal for Parasitology
EDENext029 March, 2012 An insight into the Phlebotomus perniciosus saliva by a proteomic approach Not available Acta Tropical
EDENext030 April, 2012 Tick-borne viruses in Europe Not available Parasitology Research
EDENext031 June, 2013 Identifying salivary antigens of Phlebotomus argentipes by a 2DE approach Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext032 October, 2012 Host-Seeking Activity of Bluetongue Virus Vectors: Endo/Exophagy and Circadian Rhythm of Culicoides in Western Europe EDENext032 PLOS ONE
EDENext034 May, 2012 Salivary Gland Transcriptomes and Proteomes of Phlebotomus tobbi and Phlebotomus sergenti, Vectors of Leishmaniasis EDENext034 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext035 August, 2012 The “Auto-Dissemination” Approach: A Novel Concept to Fight Aedes albopictus in Urban Areas EDENext035 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext036 August, 2012 Diagnostic Value of Conjunctival Swab Sampling Associated with Nested PCR for Different Categories of Dogs Naturally Exposed to Leishmania infantum Infection EDENext036 Journal of Clinical Microbiology
EDENext037 July, 2014 IrSPI, a Tick Serine Protease Inhibitor Involved in Tick Feeding and Bartonella henselae Infection EDENext037 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext038 December, 2012 Antimony resistance and environment: Elusive links to explore during Leishmania life cycle EDENext038 International Journal for Parasitology: Drugs and Drug Resistance
EDENext040 May, 2013 Estimating Mosquito Population Size from Mark-Release-Recapture Data Not available Journal of Medical Entomology
EDENext042 December, 2012 Statistical models for spatially explicit biological data Not available Parasitology
EDENext043 December, 2012 Zoonotic transmission of pathogens by Ixodes ricinus ticks, Romania EDENext043 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext044 2012 Laboratory artificial infection of hard ticks: a tool for the analysis of tick-borne pathogen transmission Not available Acarologia
EDENext045 November, 2012 The hare (Lepus granatensis) as potential sylvatic reservoir of Leishmania infantum in Spain Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext046 November, 2012 Simulating spread of Bluetongue Virus by flying vectors between hosts on pasture EDENext046 Nature
EDENext047 December, 2012 Molecular evidence of Ehrlichia canis and Rickettsia massiliae in ixodid ticks of carnivores from South Hungary Not available Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
EDENext048 December, 2012 Usutu virus growth in human cell lines: induction of and sensitivity to type I and III interferons Not available Journal of General Virology
EDENext049 December, 2012 Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis in bank voles, France EDENext049 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext051 July, 2012 Genetic characterization and molecular identification of the bloodmeal sources of the potential bluetongue vector Culicoides obsoletus in the Canary Islands, Spain EDENext051 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext052 December, 2012 Flight Performance and Teneral Energy Reserves of Two Genetically-Modified and One Wild-Type Strain of the Yellow Fever Mosquito Aedes aegypti Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext053 June, 2012 Feeding Patterns of Potential West Nile Virus Vectors in South-West Spain EDENext053 PLOS ONE
EDENext054 September, 2012 Modelling zoonotic diseases in humans: comparison of methods for hantavirus in Sweden EDENext054 International Journal of Health Geographics
EDENext055 January, 2013 Pathogenesis of West Nile virus lineage 1 and 2 in experimentally infected large falcons Not available Veterinary Microbiology
EDENext056 July, 2013 The role of indigenous phlebotomine sandflies and mammals in the spreading of leishmaniasis agents in the Mediterranean region EDENext056 Eurosurveillance
EDENext057 October, 2012 Usutu Virus in Blackbirds (Turdus merula), Czech Republic, 2011–2012 Not available Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
EDENext058 July, 2012 Host-Feeding Pattern of Culex theileri (Diptera: Culicidae), Potential Vector of Dirofilaria immitis in the Canary Islands, Spain Not available Journal of Medical Entomology
EDENext059 June, 2013 Explosive spread of a neuroinvasive lineage 2 West Nile virus in Central Europe, 2008/2009 Not available Veterinary Microbiology
EDENext060 March, 2014 Landscape features and helminth co-infection shape bank vole immunoheterogeneity, with consequences for Puumala virus epidemiology Not available Heredity
EDENext061 October, 2012 Complex evolution and epidemiology of Dobrava-Belgrade hantavirus: definition of genotypes and their characteristics EDENext061 Archives of Virology
EDENext062 March, 2013 Nonlinear effects of climate on boreal rodent dynamics: mild winters do not negate high-amplitude cycles Not available Global Change Biology
EDENext063 April, 2013 Novel hantavirus in field vole, United Kingdom EDENext063 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext064 August, 2012 First report of adult Hyalomma marginatum rufipes (vector of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus) on cattle under a continental climate in Hungary EDENext064 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext065 February, 2013 Spatial abundance and clustering of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) on a local scale EDENext065 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext066 March, 2013 Implicating Culicoides Biting Midges as Vectors of Schmallenberg Virus Using Semi-Quantitative RT-PCR EDENext066 PLOS ONE
EDENext067 October, 2012 The development of Leishmania turanica in sand flies and competition with L. major EDENext067 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext068 March, 2013 Mapping the Serological Prevalence Rate of West Nile fever in Equids, Tunisia Not available Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
EDENext069 February, 2013 Usutu virus, Italy, 1996 EDENext069 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext070 March, 2013 The range of attraction for light traps catching Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) EDENext070 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext071 September, 2013 Molecular evidence for bacterial and protozoan pathogens in hard ticks from Romania Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext072 October, 2012 An invasive mosquito species Aedes albopictus found in the Czech Republic, 2012 EDENext072 Eurosurveillance
EDENext073 April, 2013 Tick-borne encephalitis virus in horses, Austria, 2011 EDENext073 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext074 July, 2013 Evidence of ljungan virus specific antibodies in humans and rodents, Finland Not available Journal of Medical Virology
EDENext075 April, 2013 The global distribution and burden of dengue Not available Nature
EDENext076 June, 2013 Detection of tick-borne pathogens in roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), in questing ticks (Ixodes ricinus), and in ticks infesting roe deer in southern Germany Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext077 December, 2012 Leishmania development in sand flies: parasite-vector interactions overview EDENext077 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext078 July, 2013 Deciphering Bartonella Diversity, Recombination, and Host Specificity in a Rodent Community EDENext078 PLOS ONE
EDENext079 March, 2013 Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Questing Ixodes ricinus Ticks: Comparison of Prevalences and Partial 16S rRNA Gene Variants in Urban, Pasture, and Natural Habitats Not available Applied and Environmental Microbiology
EDENext080 March, 2014 Detection of Francisella tularensis in Voles in Finland Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext081 January, 2013 Driving forces for changes in geographical distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in Europe EDENext081 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext082 August, 2013 Molecular and Immunogenic Properties of Apyrase SP01B and D7-Related SP04 Recombinant Salivary Proteins of Phlebotomus perniciosus from Madrid, Spain EDENext082 BioMed Research International
EDENext083 May, 2013 Diversity of Babesia and Rickettsia Species in Questing Ixodes ricinus: A Longitudinal Study in Urban, Pasture, and Natural Habitats Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext084 January, 2013 Epidemic potential of an emerging vector-borne disease in a marginal environment: Schmallenberg in Scotland EDENext084 Nature
EDENext087 September, 2013 The distribution of the Phlebotomus major complex (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Turkey Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext089 May, 2013 The impact of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus on public health Not available Antiviral Research
EDENext090 June, 2013 A Probabilistic Model in Cross-Sectional Studies for Identifying Interactions between Two Persistent Vector-Borne Pathogens in Reservoir Populations EDENext090 PLOS ONE
EDENext091 April, 2013 Leishmania infection and host-blood feeding preferences of phlebotomine sandflies and canine leishmaniasis in an endemic European area, the Algarve Region in Portugal EDENext091 Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz
EDENext092 March, 2013 Detection of Leishmania infantum and identification of blood meals in Phlebotomus perniciosus from a focus of human leishmaniasis in Madrid, Spain Not available Parasitology Research
EDENext093 May, 2013 The first detection of Leishmania major in naturally infected Sergentomyia minuta in Portugal EDENext093 Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz
EDENext094 March, 2013 The role of surface glycoconjugates in Leishmania midgut attachment examined by competitive binding assays and experimental development in sand flies Not available Parasitology
EDENext096 February, 2013 Insights into Myodes glareolus/Puumala hantavirus interactions from rodent immunogenetics Not available Not available
EDENext097 March, 2014 Identification of Parasitic Communities within European Ticks Using Next-Generation Sequencing EDENext097 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext098 February, 2013 Detection of Plasmodium sp.-infested Anopheles hyrcanus (Pallas 1771) (Diptera: Culicidae) in Austria, 2012 Not available The Central European Journal of Medicine
EDENext099 June, 2013 Sergentomyia schwetzi is not a competent vector for Leishmania donovani and other Leishmania species pathogenic to humans EDENext099 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext103 April, 2013 Quantifying Dispersal of European Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Vectors between Farms Using a Novel Mark-Release-Recapture Technique EDENext103 PLOS ONE
EDENext104 March, 2013 Modelling the risk of being bitten by malaria vectors in a vector control area in southern Benin, west Africa EDENext104 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext105 May, 2014 Investigation of hantavirus infections among CCHFV negative cases in the Western Black Sea region of Turkey EDENext105 Acta Medica Mediterranea (not available online)
EDENext107 April, 2013 Phlebotomus orientalis Sand Flies from Two Geographically Distant Ethiopian Localities: Biology, Genetic Analyses and Susceptibility to Leishmania donovani EDENext107 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext108 September, 2013 The Effect of Temperature on Leishmania (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) Development in Sand Flies Not available Journal of Medical Entomology
EDENext109 March, 2013 Effect of blood meal digestion and DNA extraction protocol on the success of blood meal source determination in the malaria vector Anopheles atroparvus EDENext109 Malaria Journal
EDENext110 April, 2013 Detection of shrew-borne hantavirus in Eurasian pygmy shrew (Sorex minutus) in Central Europe Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext111 December, 2013 A taxonomic study of Phlebotomus (Larroussius) perfiliewi s. l. Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext112 May, 2013 Fitness of Transgenic Mosquito Aedes aegypti Males Carrying a Dominant Lethal Genetic System EDENext112 PLOS ONE
EDENext113 June, 2013 Flaviviruses in game birds, southern Spain EDENext113 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext114 2013 Vlková, M.: Salivary proteins of sand flies and the immune aspects of Leishmania transmission. PhD thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Parasitology Not available Not available
EDENext115 2013 Hrobáriková, V.: Development of Leishmania from L. donovani complex in various vectors. PhD thesis, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science Department of Parasitology Not available Not available
EDENext116 August, 2013 Isolation, identification, and characterization of novel arenaviruses, the etiological agents of boid inclusion body disease Not available Journal of Virology
EDENext118 June, 2013 Le virus du Nil occidental, Dominique J. Bicout, coord., 2013, Éditions Quæ. ISBN 978-2-7592-1968-1 Not available Éditions Quæ
EDENext119 May, 2013 Prospective Study on the Incidence and Progression of Clinical Signs in Naïve Dogs Naturally Infected by Leishmania infantum EDENext119 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext120 September, 2013 Leishmaniases in Greece Not available The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
EDENext121 October, 2013 Culicoides biting midges, arboviruses and public health in Europe EDENext121 Antiviral Research
EDENext122 January, 2014 Did Vaccination Slow the Spread of Bluetongue in France? EDENext122 PLOS ONE
EDENext123 May, 2014 Molecular Investigation for Bacterial and Protozoan Tick-Borne Pathogens in Wild Boars (Sus scrofa) from Southern Germany Not available Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext124 June, 2013 Avian Plasmodium in Culex and Ochlerotatus Mosquitoes from Southern Spain: Effects of Season and Host-Feeding Source on Parasite Dynamics EDENext124 PLOS ONE
EDENext126 May, 2013 Spatio-temporal optimization of sampling for bluetongue vectors (Culicoides) near grazing livestock EDENext126 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext127 May, 2013 Kirkeby, C.: Spatio-temporal abundance and dispersal of Culicoides. PhD thesis, Technical University of Denmark, Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg C. 169 p., ISBN 978-87992685 1-1 EDENext127 Technical University of Denmark
EDENext129 August, 2013 Partial genetic characterization of Sedlec virus (Orthobunyavirus, Bunyaviridae) Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext130 February, 2014 Species or local environment, what determines the infection of rodents by Toxoplasma gondii? Not available Parasitology
EDENext132 February, 2015 Life-Long Shedding of Puumala Hantavirus in Wild Bank Voles (Myodes glareolus) Not available Journal of General Virology
EDENext133 2013 Voutilainen, L.: Interactions between puumala Hantavirus and its host, the bank vole, in the boreal zone. PhD thesis, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa Research Unit and Department of Virology, Haartman Institute, Faculty of Medicine Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland Not available Not available
EDENext134 January, 2014 Will the introduction of Leishmania tropica MON-58, in the island of Crete, lead to the settlement and spread of this rare zymodeme? EDENext134 Acta Tropica
EDENext135 November, 2013 Barkedji virus, a novel mosquito-borne flavivirus identified in Culex perexiguus mosquitoes, Israel, 2011 Not available Journal of General Virology
EDENext136 October, 2013 West Nile Virus Transmission in Sentinel Chickens and Potential Mosquito Vectors, Senegal River Delta, 2008–2009 EDENext136 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
EDENext137 February, 2014 Rapid Spread of Schmallenberg Virus-infected Biting Midges (Culicoides spp.) across Denmark in 2012 EDENext137 Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
EDENext138 September, 2013 Co-Circulation of Toscana Virus and Punique Virus in Northern Tunisia: A Microneutralisation-Based Seroprevalence Study EDENext138 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext139 February, 2014 First detection of Toscana virus in Corsica, France Not available Clinical Microbiology and Infection
EDENext140 July, 2013 Uncovering the mysteries of hantavirus infections Not available Nature Reviews Microbiology
EDENext141 June, 2013 Isolation of Toscana Virus from the Cerebrospinal Fluid of a Man with Meningitis in Marseille, France, 2010 Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext143 July, 2013 On the study of the transmission networks of blood parasites from SW Spain: diversity of avian haemosporidians in the biting midge Culicoides circumscriptus and wild birds EDENext143 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext144 February, 2014 Bayesian estimation of abundance based on removal sampling under weak assumption of closed population with catchability depending on environmental conditions. Application to tick abundance Not available Ecological Modelling
EDENext146 January, 2014 Hard Tick Factors Implicated in Pathogen Transmission EDENext146 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext147 July, 2013 Dirofilaria repens microfilariae in Aedes vexans mosquitoes in Slovakia EDENext147 Parasitology Research
EDENext148 March, 2014 Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in urban hedgehogs EDENext148 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext149 June, 2014 Genetic and ecologic variability among strains of Anaplasma phagocytophilum, northern Italy EDENext149 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext150 2013 Fall, A.G.: Ecology of arboviruses in Senegal: example of West Nile virus in the Senegal River Delta and the Ferlo. PhD thesis, Entomology, University Cheikh Anta Diop, Faculty of Science and Technology, Doctoral School: Life Sciences, Health and Environment, Dakar Not available Not available
EDENext151 September, 2013 The effect of avian blood on Leishmania development in Phlebotomus duboscqi EDENext151 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext152 January, 2014 Recombinant Antigens from Phlebotomus perniciosus Saliva as Markers of Canine Exposure to Visceral Leishmaniases Vector EDENext152 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext153 March, 2014 Rickettsiae in questing Ixodes ricinus ticks in the Czech Republic Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext154 November, 2013 Development of genomic resources for the tick Ixodes ricinus: isolation and characterization of single nucleotide polymorphisms Not available Molecular Ecology Resources
EDENext155 June, 2013 Pet rat harbouring Seoul hantavirus in Sweden, June 2013 EDENext155 Eurosurveillance
EDENext157 May, 2014 Dobrava Virus Carried by the Yellow-Necked Field Mouse Apodemus flavicollis, Causing Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome in Romania Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext158 March, 2014 Isolation of Sindbis Virus from a Hooded Crow in Germany Not available Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext159 November, 2013 Molecular and Serological Studies on the Rift Valley Fever Outbreak in Mauritania in 2010 Not available Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
EDENext160 November, 2013 Indigenous West Nile Virus Infections in Horses in Albania EDENext160 Transboundary and Emerging Diseases
EDENext161 July, 2013 Use of Competition ELISA for Monitoring of West Nile Virus Infections in Horses in Germany EDENext161 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
EDENext162 July, 2013 The burden of visceral leishmaniasis in Italy from 1982 to 2012: a retrospective analysis of the multi-annual epidemic that occurred from 1989 to 2009 EDENext162 Eurosurveillance
EDENext163 July, 2013 Sandfly-borne phleboviruses of Eurasia and Africa: epidemiology, genetic diversity, geographic range, control measures EDENext163 Antiviral Research
EDENext164 April, 2014 Arboviruses Pathogenic for Domestic and Wild Animals Not available Advances in Virus Research
EDENext165 September, 2013 The effect of avian blood on Leishmania development in Phlebotomus duboscqi EDENext165 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext166 August, 2013 Low Usutu virus seroprevalence in four zoological gardens in central Europe EDENext166 BMC Veterinary Research
EDENext168 December, 2013 Molecular characterization of the African orthobunyavirus Ilesha virus Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext169 April, 2014 Impact of feeding system and infection status of the blood meal on Ixodes ricinus feeding Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext170 December, 2013 Non-pet dogs as sentinels and potential synanthropic reservoirs of tick-borne and zoonotic bacteria Not available Veterinary Microbiology
EDENext171 April, 2014 Seroprevalence of Some Vector-Borne Infections of Dogs in Hungary Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext172 December, 2013 Maternal antibodies contribute to sex-based difference in hantavirus transmission dynamics Not available Biology Letters
EDENext173 March, 2015 High Resolution Spatial Analysis of Habitat Preference of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) in an Urban Environment Not available Journal of Medical Entomology
EDENext174 August, 2014 Using Word Clouds for Risk Perception in the Field of Public Health – the Case of Vector-Borne Diseases EDENext174 Planet@Risk
EDENext175 Online April, 2014 The emergence of Schmallenberg virus across Culicoides communities and ecosystems in Europe Not available Preventive Veterinary Medicine
EDENext176 February, 2014 Comparative Analysis of Salivary Gland Transcriptomes of Phlebotomus orientalis Sand Flies from Endemic and Non-endemic Foci of Visceral Leishmaniasis EDENext176 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext177 December, 2013 First Record of Culicoides oxystoma Kieffer and Diversity of Species within the Schultzei Group of Culicoides Latreille (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Biting Midges in Senegal EDENext177 PLOS ONE
EDENext179 April, 2014 Serological Survey of Rodent-Borne Viruses in Finnish Field Voles Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext180 August, 2014 Shaping zoonosis risk: landscapeecology vs. landscape attractiveness for people, the case oftick-borne encephalitis in Sweden EDENext180 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext181 November, 2013 Next Generation Sequencing Uncovers Unexpected Bacterial Pathogens in Ticks in Western Europe EDENext181 PLOS ONE
EDENext183 June, 2014 The Use of Spatial Analysis to Estimate the Prevalence of Canine Leishmaniasis in Greece and Cyprus to Predict its Future Variation and Relate it to Human Disease Not available American Journal of Tropical Medicine
EDENext184 March, 2014 Toscana virus infections: A case series from France Not available Journal of Infection
EDENext185 May, 2014 High levels of anti-Phlebotomus perniciosus saliva antibodies in different vertebrate hosts from the re-emerging leishmaniosis focus in Madrid, Spain Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext186 May, 2014 Comparison of Complete Genome Sequences of Usutu Virus Strains Detected in Spain, Central Europe, and Africa Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext188 November, 2013 The influence of the wind in the Schmallenberg virus outbreak in Europe EDENext188 Nature Scientific Reports
EDENext190 December, 2013 Ongoing Activity of Toscana Virus Genotype A and West Nile Virus Lineage 1 Strains in Turkey: A Clinical and Field Survey Not available Zoonoses and Public Health
EDENext191 May, 2014 Immunogenetic Factors Affecting Susceptibility of Humans and Rodents to Hantaviruses and the ClinicalCourse of Hantaviral Disease in Humans EDENext191 Viruses
EDENext192 July, 2014 Transmission Potential of Antimony-Resistant Leishmania Field Isolates Not available Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
EDENext193 March, 2014 Changes in Diversification Patterns and Signatures of Selection during the Evolution of Murinae-AssociatedHantaviruses EDENext193 Viruses
EDENext194 March, 2014 Seasonal dynamics of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) biting midges, potential vectors of African horse sickness and bluetongue viruses in the Niayes area of Senegal EDENext194 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext195 February, 2014 Viral Isolates of a Novel Putative Phlebovirus in the Marche Region of Italy Not available American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
EDENext198 September, 2014 First Evidence of Intraclonal Genetic Exchange in Trypanosomatids Using Two Leishmania infantum Fluorescent Transgenic Clones EDENext198 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext199 November, 2014 Worldwide Niche and Future Potential Distribution of Culicoides imicola, a Major Vector of Bluetongue and African Horse Sickness Viruses EDENext199 PLOS One
EDENext200 June, 2014 Abundance and seasonal activity of questing Ixodes ricinus ticks in their natural habitats insouthern Germany in 2011 EDENext200 Journal of Vector Ecology
EDENext201 March, 2014 Bacterial and protozoal agents of feline vector-borne diseases in domestic and stray cats from southern Portugal EDENext201 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext202 March, 2014 Spatio-temporal analysis of abundances of three malaria vector species in southern Benin using zero-truncated models EDENext202 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext203 January, 2015 Phlebotomus papatasi exposure cross-protects mice against Leishmania major co-inoculated with Phlebotomus duboscqi salivary gland homogenate EDENext203 Acta Tropica
EDENext205 October, 2014 Hantaviruses in Finnish soricomorphs: Evidence for two distinct hantaviruses carried by Sorex araneus suggesting ancient host-switch Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext206 June, 2014 Epizootic haemorrhagic disease virus in Reunion Island: Evidence for the circulation of a new serotype and associated risk factors Not available Veterinary Microbiology
EDENext207 May, 2014 Susceptibility of Culicoides species biting midges to deltamethrin-treated nets as determined under laboratory and field conditions in the Balearic Islands, Spain Not available Medical and Veterinary Entomology
EDENext208 May, 2014 To Be or Not to Be Associated: Power study of four statistical modeling approaches to identify parasite associations in cross-sectional studies EDENext208 Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
EDENext211 May, 2014 Could wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) be reservoirs for Leishmania infantum in the focus of Madrid, Spain? Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext212 September, 2014 Puumala hantavirus infection alters the odour attractiveness of its reservoir host Not available Oecologia
EDENext213 March, 2014 Birds as potential reservoirs of tick-borne pathogens: first evidence of bacteraemia with Rickettsia helvetica EDENext213 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext214 April, 2014 Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis and its co-circulation with Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Ixodes ricinus ticks across ecologically different habitats of Central Europe EDENext214 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext216 April, 2014 A Bayesian Geostatistical Moran Curve Model for Estimating Net Changes of Tsetse Populations in Zambia EDENext216 PLOS One
EDENext218 October, 2014 Towards a resource-based habitat approach for spatial modelling of vector-borne disease risks EDENext218 Biological Reviews
EDENext219 September, 2014 Human pathogenic borreliae in Ixodes ricinus ticks in natural and urban ecosystem (Czech Republic) EDENext219 Acta Parasitologica
EDENext220 February, 2015 New microsatellite markers for multi-scale genetic studies on Phlebotomus ariasi Tonnoir, vector of Leishmania infantum in the Mediterranean area Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext221 May, 2014 Speculations on biting midges and other bloodsucking arthropods as alternative vectors of Leishmania EDENext221 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext222 November, 2014 Recent increase in prevalence of antibodies to Dobrava-Belgrade virus (DOBV) in yellow-necked mice in northern Italy Not available Epidemiology and Infection
EDENext223 August, 2014 Distinct Anaplasma phagocytophilum genotypes associated with Ixodes trianguliceps ticks and rodents in Central Europe Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext224 July, 2014 Arboviruses Pathogenic for Domestic and Wild Animals Not available Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext225 August, 2014 The hanta hunting study: underdiagnosis of Puumala hantavirus infections in symptomatic non-travelling leptospirosis-suspected patients in the Netherlands, in 2010 and April to November 2011 EDENext225 Eurosurveillance
EDENext226 November, 2013 Xiangye Liu. Identification of Ixodes ricinus female salivary glands factors involved in Bartonella henselae transmission. PhD thesis. École Doctorale Agriculture, Biologie, Environnement, Santé. Université Paris-Est, France Not available Not available
EDENext228 December, 2014 Putative new West Nile virus lineage in Uranotaenia unguiculata mosquitoes, Austria, 2013 EDENext228 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext229 June, 2014 The use of immunoenzymatic method for detection of antibodies against zoonotic diseases in Czech soldiers returning from Afghanistan EDENext229 Military Medical Science Letters
EDENext230 Online May, 2014 Mosquito and sand fly gregarines of the genus Ascogregarina and Psychodiella (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinorida, Aseptatorina) – Overview of their taxonomy, life cycle, host specificity and pathogenicity EDENext230 Infection, Genetics and Evolution
EDENext231 Online February 2015 Dengue: recent past and future threats EDENext231 Philosophical Transactions B
EDENext232 October, 2014 Structural comparison of lipophosphoglycan from Leishmania turanica and L. major, two species transmitted by Phlebotomus papatasi Not available Parasitology International
EDENext233 December, 2014 Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis and Anaplasma phagocytophilum: prevalences and investigations on a new transmission path in small mammals and ixodid ticks EDENext233 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext234 December, 2014 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Olyset® Plus in a Village-Based Cohort Study in the Cukurova Plain, Turkey, in an Area of Hyperendemic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Not available Journal of Vector Ecology
EDENext236 July, 2014 Impact of temperature, feeding preference and vaccination on Schmallenberg virus transmission in Scotland EDENext236 Scientific Reports
EDENext237 July, 2014 Assessment of the infectivity potential of Leishmania infantum, using flow cytometry Not available Experimental Parasitology
EDENext238 March, 2015 Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in natural rodent and tick communities in Southern Hungary Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext240 October, 2014 Survival dynamics of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Ixodes ricinus ticks Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext241 February, 2015 Close relationship between West Nile virus from Turkey and lineage 1 strain from Central African Republic EDENext241 Emerging Infectious Diseases
EDENext242 October, 2014 The Complete Sequence of a West Nile Virus Lineage 2 Strain Detected in a Hyalomma marginatum marginatum Tick Collected from a Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) in Eastern Romania in 2013 Revealed Closest Genetic Relationship to Strain Volgograd 2007 EDENext242 PLOS ONE
EDENext243 February, 2015 Modelling the potential spatial distribution of mosquito species using three different techniques EDENext243 International Journal of Health Geographics
EDENext244 August, 2014 West Nile virus lineage 2 isolated from Culex modestus mosquitoes in the Czech Republic, 2013: expansion of the European WNV endemic area to the North? EDENext244 Eurosurveillance
EDENext245 April, 2015 Complete genome of a Puumala virus strain from Central Europe Not available Virus Genes
EDENext246 March, 2015 Rfor Vector-Borne Diseases: Impact of the Assumption for the Duration of the Extrinsic Incubation Period Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext247 January, 2015 Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) midges, the vectors of African horse sickness virus – a host/vector contact study in the Niayes area of Senegal EDENext247 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext248 October, 2014 Occurrence of ticks and prevalence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. in three types of urban biotopes: Forests, parks and cemeteries Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext249 May, 2015 Circadian activity of Culicoides oxystoma (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), potential vector of bluetongue and African horse sickness viruses in the Niayes area, Senegal EDENext249 Parasitology Research
EDENext250 December, 2014 Persistence of phlebotomine Leishmania vectors in urban sites of Catania (Sicily, Italy) EDENext250 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext251 December, 2014 Ixodes ricinus and its transmitted pathogens in urban and peri-urban areas in Europe: new hazards and relevance for public health EDENext251 Frontiers in Public Health
EDENext253 September, 2014 Culicoides (Avaritia) gornostaevae Mirzaeva, 1984 (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) - a possible vector species of the Obsoletus group new to the European fauna EDENext253 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext256 July, 2015 West Nile virus circulation in south-eastern Romania, 2011 to 2013 EDENext256 Eurosurveillance
EDENext257 May, 2015 Phylogeography of Francisella tularensis subspecies holarctica in Finland, 1993–2011 Not available Infectious Diseases
EDENext258 September, 2014 Re-emergence of bovine piroplasmosis in Hungary: has the etiological role of Babesia divergens been taken over by B. major and Theileria buffeli? EDENext258 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext259 June, 2015 Evaluating methods to quantify spatial variation in the velocity of biological invasions Not available Ecography
EDENext260 August, 2015 Monitoring biothreat agents (Francisella tularensis, Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis) with a portable real-time PCR instrument Not available Journal of Microbiological Methods
EDENext261 July, 2015 Past, present, and future of arenavirus taxonomy EDENext261 Archives of Virology
EDENext262 December, 2014 Arthropods as a source of new RNA viruses EDENext262 Microbial Pathogenesis
EDENext263 July, 2013 Projected Population Proximity Indices (30km) for 2005, 2030 & 2050 EDENext263 Open Health Data
EDENext264 July, 2013 Four Rodent and Vole Biodiversity Models for Europe EDENext264 Open Health Data
EDENext265 November, 2014 Pattern of Tick Aggregation on Mice: Larger Than Expected Distribution Tail Enhances the Spread of Tick-Borne Pathogens EDENext265 PLOS Computational Biology
EDENext266 October, 2014 Presence of sandfly-borne phleboviruses of two antigenic complexes (Sandfly fever Naples virus and Sandfly fever Sicilian virus) in two different bio-geographical regions of Tunisia demonstrated by a microneutralisation-based seroprevalence study in dogs EDENext266 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext267 January, 2015 Bionomics of Temperate and Tropical Culicoides Midges: Knowledge Gaps and Consequences for Transmission of Culicoides-Borne Viruses Not available Annual Review of Entomology
EDENext268 November, 2014 Environmental Drivers of Culicoides Phenology: How Important Is Species-Specific Variation When Determining Disease Policy? EDENext268 PLOS ONE
EDENext269 March, 2015 Barcoding Turkish Culex mosquitoes to facilitate arbovirus vector incrimination studies reveals hidden diversity and new potential vectors EDENext269 Acta Tropica
EDENext270 December, 2014 Afebrile meningoencephalitis with transient central facial paralysis due to Toscana virus infection, south-eastern France, 2014 EDENext270 Eurosurveillance
EDENext 274 Juillet 2015 Exposure to Leishmania spp. and sand flies in domestic animals in northwestern
EDENext 274 Parasites & Vectiors
EDENext275 December, 2014 Zoonotic Dirofilaria repens (Nematoda: Filarioidea) in Aedes vexans mosquitoes, Czech Republic Not available Parasitology Research
EDENext276 November, 2014 Characterisation of the ex vivo virulence of Leishmania infantum isolates from Phlebotomus perniciosus from an outbreak of human leishmaniosis in Madrid, Spain EDENext276 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext277 October, 2014 Survival dynamics of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Ixodes ricinus ticks Not available Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases
EDENext278 December, 2014 A Sero-epidemiological Study of Arboviral Fevers in Djibouti, Horn of Africa EDENext278 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext279 January, 2015 Molecular epidemiology of dengue fever cases imported into Romania between 2008 and 2013 EDENext279 Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
EDENext280 March, 2015 Xenodiagnosis of Leishmania donovani in BALB/c mice using Phlebotomus orientalis: a new laboratory model EDENext280 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext282 October, 2014 Predator–vole interactions in northern Europe: the role of small mustelids revised Not available Proceedings of the Royal Society B
EDENext284 February, 2015 Canine Leishmania vaccines: Still a long way to go Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext285 June, 2015 Eco-epidemiology of Borrelia miyamotoi and Lyme borreliosis spirochetes in a popular hunting and recreational forest area in Hungary EDENext285 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext286 April, 2015 Prevalence of Dirofilaria immitis antigen and antibodies to Leishmania infantum in cats from southern Portugal Not available Parasitology International
EDENext289 March, 2015 Detection of Orientia sp. DNA in rodents from Asia, West Africa and Europe EDENext289 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext291 February, 2015 New adhesive traps to monitor urban mosquitoes with a case study to assess the efficacy of insecticide control strategies in temperate areas EDENext291 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext292 January, 2015 A secondary dengue 4 infection in a traveler returning from Haiti confirmed by virus isolation, complete genome sequencing and neutralisation assay: A brief report EDENext292 Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease
EDENext293 January, 2015 First report on Babesia cf. microti infection of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) from Hungary EDENext293 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext294 March, 2015 Serological investigation of Leishmania infantum, Dirofilaria immitis and Angiostrongylus vasorum in dogs from southern Portugal EDENext294 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext295 April, 2015 Exploring the utility of phylogenetic analysis of cytochrome oxidase gene subunit I as a complementary tool to classical taxonomical identification of phlebotomine sand fly species (Diptera, Psychodidae) from southern Europe Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext298 May, 2015 Spread of Leishmania infantum in Europe with dog travelling Not available Veterinary Parasitology
EDENext300 March, 2015 Circulation of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Revealed by Screening of Cattle Sera Using a Novel Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay EDENext300 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext301 January, 2015 Avian malaria parasites in the last supper: identifying encounters between parasites and the invasive Asian mosquito tiger and native mosquito species in Italy EDENext301 Malaria Journal
EDENext302 March, 2015 Bacterial and protozoal agents of canine vector-borne diseases in the blood of domestic and stray dogs from southern Portugal EDENext302 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext303 February, 2015 First evidence of Seoul hantavirus in the wild rat population in the Netherlands EDENext303 Infection Ecology and Epidemiology
EDENext306 March, 2015 Molecular detection of Leishmania DNA and identification of blood meals in wild caught phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from southern Portugal EDENext306 Parasites & Vectors
EDENext307 May, 2015 How a multidisciplinary ‘One Health’ approach can combat the tick-borne pathogen threat in Europe Not available Future Microbiology
EDENext308 May, 2015 Seoul hantavirus in brown rats in the Netherlands: implications for physicians - Epidemiology, clinical aspects, treatment and diagnostics Not available The Netherlands Journal of Medicine
EDENext310 March, 2015 Landscape and regional environmental analysis of the spatial distribution of hantavirus human cases in Europe EDENext310 Frontiers in Public Health
EDENext315 March, 2015 Serological survey of Seewis virus (SWSV) antibodies in patients suspected for hantavirus infection in Finland - A cross-reaction between Puumala virus antiserum with Seewis virus N protein? Not available Journal of General Virology
EDENext316 April, 2015 Isolation, genetic characterization, and seroprevalence of Adana virus, a novel phlebovirus belonging to the Salehabad virus complex, in Turkey EDENext316 Journal of Virology
EDENext318 May, 2015 Serologic Survey of Orthopoxvirus Infection Among Rodents in Hungary Not available Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
EDENext319 May, 2015 Detection of Leishmania donovani and L. tropica in Ethiopian wild rodents EDENext319 Acta Tropica
EDENext322 September, 2015 Host preferences and circadian rhythm of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae), vectors of African horse sickness and bluetongue viruses in Senegal Not available Acta Tropica
EDENext323 June, 2015 Modelling the Abundances of Two Major Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) Species in the Niayes Area of Senegal EDENext323 PLOS ONE
EDENext328 April, 2015 First detections of Rickettsiahelvetica and R. monacensis in ectoparasitic mites(Laelapidae and Trombiculidae) infesting rodents in south-westernSlovakia Not available Parasitology Research
EDENext331 March, 2015 Phlebotomus sergenti in a Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Focus in Azilal Province (High Atlas,Morocco): Molecular Detection and Genotyping of Leishmania tropica, and Feeding Behavior EDENext331 PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases
EDENext344 June, 2015 Landscape Effects on the Presence, Abundance and Diversity of Mosquitoes in Mediterranean Wetlands EDENext344 PLOS ONE
EDENext350 September, 2015 Physiological condition of bank voles (Myodes glareolus) during the increase and decline phases of the population cycle Not available Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology
Not numbered February, 2013 Molecular diagnostic and genetic characterization of highly pathogenic viruses: application during Crimean–Congo haemorrhagic fever virus outbreaks in Eastern Europe and the Middle East Not available Clinical Microbiology and Infection

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