Artrovex Review & Side Effects – Does it Work?


Artrovex – a remedy for effective treatment of joint and back pain. This would help thousands of Germans. Because the number of people affected is increasing daily. Pain and restrictions in the musculoskeletal system have become a real widespread disease, from which more and more younger people are also suffering.

The application of this new type of cream should make the complaints disappear within 10 days. This is reason enough for us to take a closer look at Artrovex. In the following article you will find our evaluation and further information about the cream.

What is Artrovex?

Under the name Artrovex a cream is sold which is supposed to effectively help with back and joint pain. According to the manufacturer, the complaints can be relieved within 10 days if used regularly. But not only that. According to the advertising claims, this cream should even prevent surgical interventions. So the list of promised effects is very long:

  • preventing further destruction and abrasion of the cartilage.
  • Pain and swelling are relieved
  • the blood circulation in the affected tissue is optimised
  • positive effect on the joint fluid
  • the metabolism is stabilized

Our 30 day self-testOur Artrovex Test

The promises of the manufacturer, regarding the effect of the cream, made us curious. In order to verify this, we decided to do an Artrovex test. In order to be able to carry out the test under real conditions, we asked a volunteer to test the cream for us.

Marie is 45 years old and has been suffering from moderate to severe joint pain for some time. We recommended that our volunteer apply the cream to the affected areas three times a day and massage it in with circular movements. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any more precise information on how to apply the product.

During the test phase we consulted our test person at regular intervals. However, Marie could not see any improvement in her joint pain and was disappointed with the results. In our test we could therefore not find any effect of Artrovex.

The best alternative

Unfortunately we had to finish our test with a negative result, although we had hoped for an effect according to the manufacturer’s promises. We then recommended an alternative product called Mobilo Forte to our test person. We had previously compared this with Artrovex. The menthol contained in Mobilo Forte has a verifiable blood circulation-promoting and cooling effect.

  Comparison table
 Artrovex Abbild TabelleMobilo Forte image
ProductArtrovexMobilo Forte
Effectx No effect could be detected Helps with joint pain
Helps with muscle pain
Promotes blood circulation
Alleviating pain
Side effects
x Allergic reactions NO side effects
Content100 ml120 ml
Dosage2 – 3 times daily1 – 2 times daily
Price22,46 US-Dollar35,41 US-Dollar
+ 2 creams free of charge
Made in Germany
No information JA
Shipping costsNo information FREE OF CHARGE
Rating ⭐ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 1/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
Delivery timeNo information1 – 3 days

WARNING – Artrovex uses fake doctor for advertising purposes

After the negative result of our test, we took a closer look at the sales pages. On one of these pages we found the expert opinion of a certain Alexander Gösebrecht. The man is said to be a specialist for arthrology and naturopathy. In his report the physician writes that Artrovex is the only remedy that reliably helps with joint problems.

When reading the text more closely, we noticed some wording that suggests that the text was translated by machine from another language into German. For example, the sentence: “Taking the Artrovex remedy guarantees you relief from joint pain for 1 course only”. Apart from the bad German, the doctor here writes about taking it. However, the cream is intended for external use only. That made us a little suspicious.

Fake and Original Screenshot from the doctor

In our subsequent research we were also unable to find any information about a medical doctor by the name of Alexander Gösebrecht. However, we were able to find the photo used in an image database. The report of the alleged physician on the Artrovex sales page is therefore nothing more than a free invention of the manufacturer to mislead unsuspecting customers.

Does the manufacturer also advertise with fake experience reports?

Next, we took a closer look at the experience reports of the satisfied customers on the Artrovex sales pages. All users are extremely satisfied with the cream and praise the quick effect.

We also noticed the bumpy formulations in these texts. Some sentences make only limited sense. But we were much more surprised when we also found the photos of the alleged customers in an image database.

Another Fake and Original Screenshot from Customers

Just like Alexander, 45 years old. He even writes that his doctor recommended Artrovex. Like other photos of the alleged customers, the picture of “Alexander” can be downloaded in a database and then used freely. According to this, the experience reports are also brazenly falsified by the manufacturer and do not reflect the objective opinion of users.

Are there real Artrovex experiences and reviews?

So far we could only find brazen lies and fakes. But are there any real customers who have already made real Artrovex experiences? We have investigated this question and have actually found experience reports from real users.

Artrovex Experience Experience Report

Completely disappointed, a customer reports about his Artrovex experience. Even after a long application over several weeks, this man could not see any improvement in his joint pain.

Artrovex Evaluation Criticism Experiences

Another lady who had ordered the cream for her back pain had to stop using it. She developed a severe skin rash which had to be treated by a doctor.

Artrovex Field report Evaluation Criticism Artrovex

Another customer complains about the smell and consistency of the cream. Because of the strong and unpleasant smell he was not able to use Artrovex daily.

What Stiftung Warentest says about the ointment

Before buying a product or medicine, most consumers look at the Stiftung Warentest website for information. Here they will find numerous test reports on a wide variety of products. We have also looked around the website of the independent consumer organisation. However, we could not find any indication that Artrovex was tested and evaluated by Stiftung Warentest.

Artrovex application

The manufacturer only recommends applying a small amount of cream in a thin layer on the affected area. The cream should also be massaged into the skin with circular movements. In addition, it is recommended to apply the cream two to three times a day. To achieve an effective effect, Artrovex should be applied over a period of 21 to 40 days.

When can an effect be expected?

If used daily and regularly, the manufacturer promises an Artrovex effect within 10 days. Within this period, pain, swelling and redness should be effectively treated and relieved. For a complete restoration of the cartilage tissue and the joints, a cure of 30 to 45 days is necessary.

Artrovex ingredientsArtrovex ingredients

The cream should only contain active ingredients that have been tested by experts and that also have a complementary effect on each other. In this way a strengthening and effective relief should be achieved. Unfortunately, the sales pages contain different information about the active ingredients of the cream. For example, the following Artrovex ingredients are listed:

  • Shark liver oil
  • Extract of the leaves from real comfrey
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Propolis extract
  • Marine pine oil

Shark’s liver oil: This active ingredient is supposed to eliminate the inflammation and at the same time reduce the pain sensations. In addition, the mobility should be improved, as the cartilage is supplied with important nutrients.

Extract of the leaves from real comfrey: Comfrey as a medicinal plant serves to improve the regeneration of tissue and cartilage mass. In addition, the blood circulation is optimised. Thus the structure of bones, tendons and ligaments can be strengthened.

Glucosamine: Important component of the synovial fluid. It is extracted from the shells of crustaceans. This active ingredient can regenerate damaged joints and prevent further cartilage degradation. This ingredient alone should have an effect on Artrovex.

Chondroitin: This ingredient is extracted from the bones and cartilage of animals and stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue. It also promotes an improvement in blood circulation.

Propolis extract: Also known as bee resin, this active ingredient has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the metabolism in the body can be improved in this way.

Sea pine oil: This special oil contained in Artrovex has an activating effect on the blood circulation. In addition, redness, inflammation and swelling can be eliminated in this way. The mobility of the joints can also be optimised by this active ingredient.

Are side effects and intolerances to be expected?

No Artrovex side effects are known from the manufacturer. However, we could read about some customers who suffered from reddening or irritation of the skin after applying the cream. Since the cream contains the shells of crustaceans, its use is associated with risks, especially for people with a corresponding allergy.

In principle, the use of this product should be refrained from if an allergy or hypersensitivity to at least one active ingredient exists. If side effects or interactions with other medications occur, you should stop using Artrovex immediately and consult a doctor.

Where can you buy Artrovex? Pharmacy, dm, AmazonWhere can you buy Artrovex

During our research we could find the cream sporadically on eBay and in some online shops. However, the product is not offered on the Amazon trading platform. The same applies to local pharmacies or online pharmacies. You can buy or order Artrovex at any time on the manufacturer’s sales pages.

What is the price?

The manufacturer sells his product at an Artrovex price of 46,11 US-Dollar. This is allegedly a special advertising price that is only available for a certain period of time. In the original the cream would cost 92,21 US-Dollar. However, we were able to order the cream at the given advertising price during the entire period of our research.

Frequently asked questions

Do you also suffer from constant or recurring joint or back pain? Then you know how stressful this can be for everyday life. You are looking for a fast-acting product that can relieve the pain and increase mobility. You can find out whether you can find this help in the Artrovex cream with the following questions and answers.

For whom is the Artrovex gel suitable?

The manufacturer has not stated that certain persons should not use the cream. There is even information on the sales page that Artrovex can be used even if you have allergies to other products.

We consider this statement of the manufacturer to be very negligent. Especially people with an allergy to crustaceans could suffer severe side effects when using Artrovex. And vegetarians and vegans cannot use the cream either, as it is made from animal products.

Is there a possibility to cancel the order?

Unfortunately we have not found any information that creams already ordered can be cancelled. However, since the manufacturer only sends cash on delivery, the acceptance of the package can be refused.

Does the Artrovex ointment have a PZN?

According to our research, the cream does not have a PZN. Due to the absence of this central pharmacy number, the product cannot be bought in pharmacies and prescribed by doctors. However, the absence of the PZN also makes it clear that Artrovex has not yet been subjected to independent tests and studies, as the manufacturer repeatedly emphasises on its sales page.

In addition, the manufacturer points out on its pages that the cream can only be obtained from its own sales pages. This is to protect against possible counterfeits.

Can I contact a customer service if I have questions or problems?

Unfortunately, there is no information on the sales pages of Artrovex cream that customers can contact a customer service if they have any questions or problems. There is also no imprint that allows conclusions to be drawn about the manufacturer.

How can I order Artrovex?

Customers who want to order the cream via the manufacturer’s sales page must fill out a corresponding form. In this form, the country, name and telephone number are entered. After submitting the form, an employee will call you back. This employee will take the customer’s order. Based on our experience, we do not consider this type of ordering process to be particularly reliable.

Artrovex Rating

As a person affected by back and joint pain, you not only know how painful these complaints can be, but above all how everyday life is made more difficult. A quick and above all effective help can not only provide relief and relief, but above all it can bring back a bit of quality of life. Unfortunately you will not find this help at Artrovex.

The manufacturer sells a cream with the statement that pain and complaints are relieved within 10 days. In our test we could not find this promised effect. And numerous other users have come to the same conclusion. An ineffective product is sold at far too high a price, which can also cause side effects and interactions.

To make matters worse, the customer has to order the product via a dubious order process and does not even have the opportunity to contact a customer service. Therefore we cannot recommend Artrovex cream to our readers and strongly advise against a purchase.

Erich Scholl is 44 years old and a passionate nutritionist and expert in the fields of health, fitness and medicine. His area of expertise includes the testing and evaluation of nutritional supplements. With great care, he publishes his self-tested experience reports, with which he wants to provide better information.


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